The Forest Therapy Center is located in the area of the green lungs of Poland – Podlasie. We walk around the Bialowieza Forest, we also train in the forests near Bialystok. The offer includes classes on various topics and length, designed for various groups of recipients.  Current  events can be found in the [News] tab. If an event is not in your immediate plans and you are interested in creating it, please contact [Contact].  We run classes in Polish and English, depending on the needs of the group.

Classes are held individually or in groups – maximum 12 people to the strict protection reserve, about 15 in other places of Bialowieza Forest. If you book a date with us as a group / person – the price is calculated per hour regardless the number of people in the group. If we organize Workshops and people come forward indyvidually – we set the rate per person. Workshops are announced in advance.



  • Shinrin-yoku walk:

Shinrin-yoku walk with proffesional guide acccording to Forest Therapy Institute guidelines. Recommended for children and young people with their legal guardians, adults and seniors. We will not only walk but also practice deeper connection to nature, surroundings and ourselves by excercises called ‘invitations’. We will help you to slow down,  be mindful, present and connected. Just let yourself to immerse in green.

Planned time: 2,5-4 hours. If the walk takes place in the Strict Reserve : 3-4 hours.

Cost: 20 Euro per person (indyvidaul gropus: 1-3 people – indyvidual price)

Bring with you: comfortable footwear and clothing, optional repellents, mineral water.

  •  Forest therapy  

An original forest therapy program, consisting of breathing techniques,  shinrin-yoku walk, field exercises and imaginative techniques, ended with a discussion of discovered resources. Classes are recommended for adults who need careful contact with nature, seeking for relaxation, looking at themselves in the context of phenomena occurring in nature, wishing to expand their internal landscape and simply interested in the subject. Workshops are not dedicated to children. They are not psychotherapy or substitute for pharmacological treatment in people who require such forms of therapy. However, they are a good supplement to the daily care for yourself, even if someone uses other therapeutic techniques or simply needs to return to the roots and immerse in the refreshing atmosphere of the forest.

Thematic classes: Diversified, depending on the needs of the group. Example topics: “Internal and external landscapes – relations of worlds in which we live”, “Nature is a woman, forest is a man – about sexuality in the context of wild nature”, “My forest emblem – work with inspiration and creative potential”. More in current events.

Cost: 25 Euro per person

Duration: about 4 hours.

Bring with you: comfortable shoes, comfortable clothing, optional repellents and mineral water, optional a mat or a seat to rest in the forest, notebook and pen, if you want to write down or draw your reflections afterwards

  • Barefoot through the Forest    

 Walking barefoot through the area of the Strict Protection Reserve of Bialowieza Forest. The combination of shinrin-yoku and nature-educational walk. No cans, beaten bottles, bottle caps and papers under your feet. Surface – forest road, forest paths, footbridges. Maybe some puddles and mud 😉

Duration: 3-4 hours

Cost: 25 Euro per hour for the whole group plus the cost of entry ticket to the protected area – PLN 6 for an adult, PLN 3 for children and youth aged 8-18. Until the age of 7 entry is free of charge.

Bring with you: comfortable clothing, a backpack for shoes, mineral water, optional repellent. The additional water for washing your feet after the trip.     

  • Lecture on the subject of forest therapy 

Scientific bases of forest influence on the human health.

Duration – about 1 hour.

Cost: 80 Euro    



  • Strict Protection Reserve Area of Bialowieza Forest

Nature and educational trip under the supervision of a licensed BPN guide, for people of all ages. Limit of participants – 6 people.

Cost: 20 Euro per hour for the whole group plus the cost of entry ticket to the protected area – PLN 6 for an adult, PLN 3 for children and youth aged 8-18. Until the age of 7- free admission. 

Duration: 3-4 hours

Bring with you: comfortable clothing, shoes, mineral water, optional repellent, binoculars, cameras.

PRECAUTIONS, LEGAL RESTRICTIONS: We are not responsible for any accidents that may result from trips in the forest, allergies, stings, mosquito bites, ticks or diseases related to them. Please ensure proper prophylaxis, clothing, repellents, careful examination of the body after a walk, consideration of previous vaccinations against tick-borne encephalitis. You undertake all activities related to the workshops in the forest at your own risk.

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